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Automatic Rolling/Rollover Portfolio

renderingsone renderingsone says:

I love the Onfinite portfolios work...but I've had the advantage of membership to research how each one works and their benefits to my websites that are image heavy. Unfortunately, some of my customers don't get it that they have to manually peruse the portfolio to see all of my images...they only see the first page there and think that's it. So, I was wondering if Onfinite plans to add an automatic rolling or rollover portfolio that a viewer can stop by clicking on an image?

Posted: 10:16 AM, 3/1/2005 Reply: quote post

onfinite onfinite says:

renderingsone, this is a great idea! There have been a few requests for an automatic slideshow that will display a new image every so many seconds. It's actually one idea of several which the Onfinite Team has been discussing to develop in the near future. We hope to get to work on it soon!

If you have any other ideas, please let us know!

Posted: 9:42 PM, 3/1/2005 Reply: quote post

renderingsone renderingsone says:

When do you think you'll have that kind of portfolio ready for us to use? Just asking because I am currently developing image heavy sites and want to incorporate this kind of portfolio...and don't want to change it over later if it's an option in the very near future. Thx. www.renderingsone.com

Posted: 1:53 AM, 3/2/2005 - edited 2:15 AM, 3/2/2005 Reply: quote post

onfinite onfinite says:

We have now added a new portfolio image gallery!

The Advanced Slide Show automatically cycles through your portfolio item images. Move the mouse to the bottom and you'll see the thumbnails. Move the mouse to the top and you'll see the slide show controls. Great for any application!

You can now see it by creating a new portfolio item.


Posted: 4:04 PM, 3/25/2005 Reply: quote post

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