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Ability to exchange a picture in the same URL

gemnigemstonz gemnigemstonz says:

I would like to be able to replace one picture with another, using the same URL. This would allow me to edit multiple auctions at once with a simple exchange/update of pics. Sometiumes, auctions cannot be edited & so I cannot change the pics without this function. The only other work around I have so far found, is to cancel the auction, and then redo it with new pic.

Posted: 9:42 AM, 10/8/2006 Reply: quote post

dinoraptor1 dinoraptor1 says:

I agree - someone is linking to my pics on their listing but because i have sold some of my multiple listings I can't edit untill they've ended

Posted: 5:04 PM, 10/22/2007 Reply: quote post

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