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Pictures not showing on my eBay auctions...

spagen spagen says:

The pictures are not showing on my eBay auctions, it says pictures not "image not available" Onfinite. What is the problem and when will it be fixed?

Posted: 8:18 AM, 4/30/2007 Reply: quote post

jblaque jblaque says:

Same problem here on my LiveJournal. "Image Not Available" on DOZENS of photos. When I went into my Onfinite Library, the photos appear to be missing from there as well. This is NOT good. I hope that the Onfinite staff has a back-up because it took me a very long time to gather and archive all those photos and my blog now looks like hell.

Ironically, I just paid to upgrade my Onfinite account a week ago.

Posted: 10:20 AM, 4/30/2007 Reply: quote post

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