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Outdated "Using your Images on eBay (and other html enabled sites)"

LaProv LaProv says:

This was good for 2004, but I've since found other photo sites that instantly copy the html/url codes for each picture, without having to mouse-copy or Crtl-C each time.

It also seems that I should be able to select a bunch of pictures at once, especially for eBay, and copy all at once.

Am I doing something wrong??? Or is Onfinite outdated enough that its time to get another photo site???


Posted: 9:37 AM, 7/10/2009 Reply: quote post

LaProv LaProv says:

PS, The last support topic was posted 5 months ago???

Does this mean people are leaving? or people just dont have any problems???

Posted: 9:38 AM, 7/10/2009 Reply: quote post

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